Understanding the Dynamics of the Middle East

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Delivery method

Delivery method


Virtual Classroom



14 hours (4 sessions 3.5 hours)




Other Government Department Employee



This course will discuss Canada’s priorities in the Middle East, the complex web of political and regional dynamics there and the cultural and economic trends shaping the region.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • provide a general overview of the new realities, as well as the chief issues of the region, with better understanding and critical analysis of the Middle East
  • analyze the interplay of the various factors that influence the region’s internal dynamics in terms of political, military and socio-economic forces, as well as national, ethnic, cultural and religious influences
  • present the domestic and international contexts in which Canadian policy toward the Middle East region is developed and implemented
  • describe the Canadian perspective on issues in the Middle East region and identify Canada’s influence and interests in the region

Notes: This course is available to other government department employees on a cost-recovery basis.

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