Trade Commissioner Service Fundamentals

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Delivery method

Delivery method


Virtual Classroom



15 hours (2 sessions of 7.5 hours)






The course will give trade officers, particularly those who have not taken the Core Training Program, greater insight into how work being conducted in trade and geographic divisions in Ottawa supports the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS). It will assist trade officers in understanding their own roles and that of the broader TCS network in achieving the Government of Canada’s international business development objectives and give HQ-based officers a better understanding of how the TCS serves Canadian clients in Canada and abroad.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • describe the TCS’ mandate and activities
  • articulate your role and the role of other HQ-based colleagues in supporting the work of client-facing Trade Commissioners across the network
  • identify solutions to common challenges presented to the TCS network
  • communicate TCS client ‘successes’

Legacy course code: 00027771

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Date modified: 2022-07-11