Intercultural Effectiveness in Multicultural Environments

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A variety of courses are available for anyone who works in a multicultural context within Canada. Whether you are interested in professional development to help improve intercultural communication skills, promoting harmonious relations in the workplace, or coordinating the visit of an international delegation, the courses can help enhance your effectiveness in multicultural environments.

Depending on your requirements these courses may also help you or your organization:

develop strategies for more effective personal or organization-wide intercultural practices, assess cultural considerations in hosting international colleagues or delegations and understand business protocol and etiquette across cultures.

Additional options include country and culture-specific overviews on topics (such as workplace culture, government, and economy) and understanding effective intercultural communication in relation to negotiation practices.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • understand the concept of culture and learn about cultural trends
  • recognize the link between culture, values, beliefs and actions
  • decode intercultural situations and typical approaches
  • understand and practice effective intercultural communication
  • build relationships and collaborate effectively

Notes: This training for groups is also available to other government departments and non-governmental organizations on a cost-recovery basis.

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