Reintegration from Fragile and Conflict-Affected Area Assignments

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Your international experience has changed you. Your return to Canada can be as challenging as the start of your mission. Re-entry from a mission in a fragile or conflict-affected area poses additional challenges. This reintegration course will allow you to reflect on your experience, understand its meaning, and develop coping strategies to make a smooth transition back into your work and life at home.

As a returning professional, it is important that you have an opportunity to assess the value of your assignment in personal and professional terms. You also need to take the time to assess your level of re-entry stress and to develop strategies for managing a smooth reintegration into your home country. For organizations, this course provides an opportunity to learn lessons from returning personnel that will help increase the effectiveness of future programs or missions.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • articulate their experience and identify newly acquired intercultural competencies
  • analyze reintegration challenges and develop adaptation strategies
  • develop a personal action plan
  • practice strategies to respond to specific intercultural challenges
  • assess effectiveness and make recommendations for future missions

Notes: This training for groups is also available to other government departments and non-governmental organizations on a cost-recovery basis.

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