Hazardous Environment Training

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Delivery method

Delivery method




5 days






The course intends to develop or enhance employees' and families' ability to remain safe while mitigating risks associated with potential personal security threat situations related to terrorism, armed conflict, civil unrest, and high levels of criminality.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • identify impacts of fear induced stress and use appropriate strategies to react
  • identify potential threats related to terrorism, armed conflict, civil unrest and violent criminality and use relevant techniques to mitigate risks
  • apply enhanced first aid techniques in difficult situations
  • use radio-communication device, techniques and language to effectively report an incident
  • apply captivity avoidance and recovery techniques
  • recognize the capacity and impacts of various weapons and identify how to take cover
  • use techniques to manage checkpoints that are safe and appropriate for the context

Notes: For more information, consult the course information page. (accessible only on the Global Affairs Canada network)

Legacy course code: 00012485

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Date modified: 2022-07-11