Personal Security Seminar

Product code: SE1503


Delivery method

Delivery method

Online - Self-paced



2 days




Other Government Department Employee



The course provides an overview of threats to safety and security in high and critical threat environments. Participants are introduced to situational management training with instruction in reactive techniques to mitigate against hostility in potentially hazardous situations, including criminality and civil unrest.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • identify and reduce risks by being prepared and proactive
  • use situational awareness to develop the habit of active recognition and avoidance and avoidance of threats
  • develop tactical thinking to effectively escape or de-escalate confrontation and dangerous situations

Notes: For Global Affairs employees, consult the course information page. (accessible only on the Departmental network)

For Government of Canada employees, contact to determine eligibility and registration procedures for themselves and their spouse or partner.

Legacy course code: 00012348

No Current Offerings

Date modified: 2022-07-11